Monday, December 15, 2014

Mike the Giraffe

There once was a lone giraffe named Mike. Mike loved three things; golf, soccer, and sailing. He was determined that he would be the first giraffe to win the masters. But, when he went out for the team he got beat out by the team’s best player, Adam Lesiw, that he decided that he should move on to soccer. But, when he moved onto soccer he was shut down again. The team’s best player, Clint Rossi, out ran and out skilled him so much that coach Greene told him that he should try a different sport. So, there was one last thing Mike liked to do, sail. The school had recently won the giraffe sailing league so he knew it was a good time to try out. He went out to the tryouts and asked the coach, Mr. Smith, if he could try out. He said on one condition he could. He had to beat Jordan Lach, the senior captain, worst freshman time. Mike, the having stayed back three times as a sophomore, never being able to pass Algebra 2, decided to do this. He ended up putting the sail up wrong and crashed the boat into Justin Johnson’s yacht that he bought after winning the bocce world championship. So he went home to find his sister, Hannah, had just set the world record for fastest sailing time around the world. Mike being furious went out for a sport he could not get cut from, track. So in the spring he tried out for track and was told he was running a 200 meter race. But, at the first practice he broke his hoof. He was never able to recover from his injury. So the next year he followed in the footsteps of the legendary high school manager, Jake Pereira, and was the manager for his school. After finishing the season without a win, Mike went on a boat and sailed into the abyss never to be seen again.

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