Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Hybrid Fan-fiction

Anna, Elsa, and Olaf all in the ice castle in Norway. They had just moved there after Anna and Elsa got married. They decided to bring their pet snowman, Olaf, with them on the trip. They were told the house was built on an old war site, but they didn't think anything of it. After they got everything put into place in the house it was already time to go to sleep. So they decided to go to sleep in their first night at the new house.  They had a nice peaceful night and woke up in the morning refreshed.  That’s when Anna freaked out for the first time. Her keys were on the floor. She was certain it was a ghost so she wanted to get cameras installed to find the ghost. Elsa thought this was crazy, but knew how Norway had bad neighborhoods so she thought it was a good idea. Days went on and more stuff happened each night. They decided to call a psychic to see what was going on. Apparently a demon was living inside their pet snowman, Olaf. The only way to get rid of the demon was to melt Olaf. This made Anna and Elsa make a plan.
Anna and Elsa decided that one day when they were cooking something in the oven they would kick Olaf in. So, they baked some cookies and left the oven open. When Olaf walked by they kicked him in and shut the oven. He quickly melted and they thought all their troubles were gone. But, Olaf’s demon now lived inside the house. All day and night, they would hear voices and other noises throughout the house. The voices kept them up all night and they couldn't sleep.  One day the voices randomly stopped. They knew something was up just decided to go to sleep. Then, all of a sudden the house was on fire and melting. The demon was trying to kill them. They couldn't get out the door so they had to jump out the window. They hit the snow and started to run. That’s when they saw the group of faceless albino hooded demons. Their only decision was to jump off the cliff before anything got too close to them. As they jumped they held each other’s hands one last time.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Mike the Giraffe

There once was a lone giraffe named Mike. Mike loved three things; golf, soccer, and sailing. He was determined that he would be the first giraffe to win the masters. But, when he went out for the team he got beat out by the team’s best player, Adam Lesiw, that he decided that he should move on to soccer. But, when he moved onto soccer he was shut down again. The team’s best player, Clint Rossi, out ran and out skilled him so much that coach Greene told him that he should try a different sport. So, there was one last thing Mike liked to do, sail. The school had recently won the giraffe sailing league so he knew it was a good time to try out. He went out to the tryouts and asked the coach, Mr. Smith, if he could try out. He said on one condition he could. He had to beat Jordan Lach, the senior captain, worst freshman time. Mike, the having stayed back three times as a sophomore, never being able to pass Algebra 2, decided to do this. He ended up putting the sail up wrong and crashed the boat into Justin Johnson’s yacht that he bought after winning the bocce world championship. So he went home to find his sister, Hannah, had just set the world record for fastest sailing time around the world. Mike being furious went out for a sport he could not get cut from, track. So in the spring he tried out for track and was told he was running a 200 meter race. But, at the first practice he broke his hoof. He was never able to recover from his injury. So the next year he followed in the footsteps of the legendary high school manager, Jake Pereira, and was the manager for his school. After finishing the season without a win, Mike went on a boat and sailed into the abyss never to be seen again.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

7 things

You may be trapped in this place for twelve years,
You may be in your room for hours on end studying tough material.
You will get low grades,
They never said it was going to be easy.
They say it will determine what you do in life,
If you do good you’ll have a happy life with money,
If you do bad you’ll work at a fast-food restaurant and struggle.
Don’t listen to them,
Do whatever you think is the best you can do and always try to improve,
Improvement shows you’re trying.
In the end you will get your diploma,
Everyone will be proud of you.

Just keep trying and never give up.

Friday, November 21, 2014


He is not here anymore
His smile still shines on
His presence always warmed us
He is not here anymore
I can still see him in his chair
I remember the presents he gave me every Christmas
He is not here anymore
His smile still shines on

The Game

The game
Two teams
One winner
One loser
One happy
One sad
Two medals
One gold
One Silver
One trophy

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

He always dazzles the crowd
He’s simply Zlatan

Friday, October 31, 2014


Its job very important. It is the key to everything done here. Laced up, tightly, firmling grasping the foot. Every touch is affected by it. Everyone has them on, two on everyone, no more, no less. All different styles, everyone’s pair looks different but, every pair has the same purpose. Personalized or not, they are the flashiest part of the game. Worth hundreds of dollars, but they get them for free. Every single one has a different name and all the kids know them. The sides are scratched by every touch. The bottoms, covered in mud. The laces, tied tight, not giving up, Every part is as important as the other. Every part serving a certain purpose. It’s either helping you, or making you slide and fail.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Cornelius Short Short Story

Once upon a time there lived a brave and heroic corndog named Cornelius. Cornelius was one of several children in the Corndoggia family. His siblings included Corny, Corilla, Cornaya, Corderoy, Cornecopia, Corya & Cabbage. Cornelius, being the eldest of the children, was usually the one that had to settle arguments between his siblings. Cabbage was the youngest and he was hated by all of his brothers and sisters. Even Cornelius being the loving corndog he was, despised Cabbage. Cabbage’s parents even loathed him. But, Cabbage was okay with his parents hatred towards him because the feeling was quite mutual. Afterall, who the heck names a corndog Cabbage? He wanted to change his name his whole life but his parents would not let him.
So one day when Cabbage was walking home from school a group of real cabbages called the Cabbagians called him over. Cabbagians were the Corndoggians worst nightmare, their greatest fear and their biggest rival. The Cabbagians were green, lean, leafy & worst of all...healthy. It disgusted all corndogs, that is all the corndogs except for Cabbage. The Cabbagians convinced Cabbage to join the and help them with their evil plot. Cabbage decided to leave the city San Dogo. After a few weeks of being gone Corderoy finally noticed that he was missing. His parents immediately started to feel guilty. How could have they gone weeks without noticing that one of their kids was missing? They regretted hating on him his whole life and now were stressing out trying to find him. They contacted the local police who put out a missing persons report. After a week of searching they could not find him. The police told the Corndoggias that they had reports that he went off with the Cabbagians. They knew that Cabbage would go off with them because his name sounded more like Cabbagian than than Corndoggia. All of the rest of their children’s names sounded like Condoggia except for him. Cabbage probably thought that they wanted him to join them even though they hated Cabaggians because they hated him too.
While all of this was going on, Cabbage was helping with the plot to kidnap all corndogs and take over the world with his fellow Cabbagians. When they were trying to come up with a date to commence their plot, Cabbage remembered national corndog day was March 15. This was perfect, all the corndogs would be celebrating out in the city streets. They could surrounded the city and not let anyone in or out. They would then cut all power to the city and force the people to stay outside. Then they would send troops in to kidnap the corndogs and take over the world. Luckily, Cornelius almost joined the Cabbagians when he was younger and he knew their headquarters were. So Cornelius went to headquarters the Cabbagians that he wanted to join them. When they told Cornelius he had to stay there until the plot, he was concerned that he would not be able to warn the other corndogs about the attacks. He convinced the Cabbagians to let him go home to get his clothes and belongings. So Cornelius went home and told his family and the city about what happened. The whole city decided to flee to their allies the nachos. Nacho city was only a 20 minute drive from  San Dogo. So the whole city packed up what they needed to live for about a week and headed to Nacho City’s biggest hotel Nacho Nacho. As the City headed there, Cornelius headed back to the Cabbagians headquarters.
On March 15 the Cabbagians headed to San Dogo. When they got there they realized that no one was in the city. They asked around if anyone knew about what was happening and no one knew. After getting frustrated the Cabbagians headed back to the headquarters and gave up. Cornelius then told everyone at the Nacho Nacho the good news and they could all head home. About a week later Cabbage returned home and everyone was happy. His parents and siblings promised that they would be nicer to him for now and that they would be a happy corndog family.
Dear Burger King,

I have put up with this for too long now and I need to bring it up to you. When I go to the Cape, I usually stop at the Burger King in Dennis and I always go through the drive-thru. I always order a Whopper and a cheeseburger. But, I never get the cheeseburger. I have gone there probably about seven times and not once have I got the cheeseburger I asked for. I still paid for the cheeseburger, but it’s not there. What if there was a dying child in my back seat that was starving and needed a cheeseburger to live? You could have killed that small child by not giving me that cheeseburger. Luckily, it was just for me and I already was going to eat the Whopper, but I still want the cheeseburger. You have charged me for seven cheeseburgers that never even got to me. Maybe next time I will just stop at Chipotle first so I don’t have to deal with your awful service. I have never, never had a problem there, plus I get I can get way better food for even cheaper. Not only do I never get my cheeseburger, you also have been out of straws for my drink and have set the grill on fire so I have to get chicken instead. You need to step up your service soon or you’re going to lose a very frequent consumer. I will be back next summer to see how you have improved. You better impress me.

Angry Customer,
Cape Resident

Monday, October 20, 2014


I disagree with what Fanny Howe says about what students these days write about. She said that all stories written by students ended with violence and that there was no happy endings. All of the stories I write end in happy endings. She is wrong and should look over more work done by students.  

Timed Prompt

It was Christmas Eve. Fog stuck to the tarmac at Lindbergh Field. The Chelsea plane landed and the players departed. Everyone was there except for John Terry and Gary Cahill’s wife. John Terry had a history of having affairs with his teammate’s wifes, so Gary was furious. They had just came back from a Champions League game in Paris and John had always loved Paris. He talked about staying there longer, but he always says this but he never does. Then Gary said the John was talking to his wife while in Paris about how beautiful it was there. Maybe he was trying to make her come with him. This made Gary even more mad than he was before. Then Oscar said that maybe they were just sightseeing and would be back in the morning. Drogba then said that this was his way of making women stay with him. Turning as red as a tomato, Gary hopped back onto the plane and headed towards Paris. While on the plane, Gary thought of what he was going to do to John when he found him. He then decided that it was best if he just took a nap and figured it all out when he got there. When he woke up from his nap though, he found out that the plane had landed two hours ago. He knew that he had lost a ton of time and that he had to act fast. Since it had been so long since they left Paris the first time, he knew that John could have been anywhere with his wife by now. He couldn't just ask people if they saw John and his wife because he was too famous and people would just want pictures and autographs. He knew that he had only one option, he had to call up his former teammate, David Luiz who was on the team that they had played, and ask if anyone had seen John and his wife. He said that they were last seen heading towards a hotel but he didn't know which one. Gary then decided to head to the most expensive hotel in Paris and see if he was there. If they weren't there Gary had no backup plan and would be lost. So he got into a taxi and headed towards the hotel. Sure enough when he got there, John had booked a room and was staying there. When Gary told the man at the desk about what was going on he immediately understood, he gave Gary a key and told him where the room was. As if anything else couldn't go wrong, the elevator was broken and Gary had to take the stairs. Of course, the room was on the top floor so he had to climb all the stairs to get to the room. When he got to the room it was silent inside but Gary still knew that something could be going on. He opened the door to find his wife and John in separate beds. John quickly explained that Gary’s wife had gotten lost and didn't know how to get back to the plane. So he tried to help her but by the time they got to the plane it was too late and the plane had already taken off. So John bought her a nice dinner and they decided to stay the night and leave in the morning. Realized, Gary thanked John for what he did for his wife and told him that everything between them was good. That year, Chelsea went on to win the Champions league thanks to the new trust between Gary and John, off and on the field.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Boston Marathon 2 narrators

Runner: Here we go the final stretch. This is the moment I have been waiting for for years. I have trained for years to run in my first marathon and I am about to finish. No marathon would be better to start with than there Boston Marathon. It is the longest running marathon and everyone knows about it. I know my family is at the finish line waiting for me to congratulate me. As I am finishing I think of what I have done today. I have ran 26.2 miles in just over four hours. I am extremely proud of myself for doing this. A few years ago I would have never thought of running a marathon. Four years ago, I tried running a 5k and I could barely finish that. Now, I am finishing the longest race there is. I can see my family at the finish line, they are clapping and cheering for me. Just a little further and I am there. Then to my left I hear an explosion and I quickly fall to the ground. I fell a sharp piercing pain in my leg. Then a few seconds later I hear another explosion. When I get my senses back I look down at my leg and I immediately scream at what I see. There is nails in glass in my legs and I am bleeding bad. My family runs to me and tries to their best to call a paramedic over. There is a lot of people down, I can’t really see that well because I am dizzy. Then all of a sudden I pass out and wake up at a hospital. I look down at my leg and it is gone. A nurse comes in a tells me what happened. She says that the damage was too bad to save it and that they had to amputate it. I know that it is going to take some getting used to but when I find out some people got injured worse I am glad that all I lost was a leg. It is going to hard but I can do it.

Observer: I can see him all the way down at the  end of the street. He has just a little while left until he is done. I am proud of him, his dedication and effort to complete this marathon. I have never been so proud of my son. I can’t wait for him to finish so I can give him a huge hug and tell him how proud I am of him. It has been just a little of over four hours since the start of the race. I don’t know much about marathon racing but I would say just over four hours is a great time for finishing your first marathon. We traveled all the way from Texas so that he could run in this. He had a list of marathons that he wanted to run New York, Chicago, Boston, and London. Last year he decided that he wanted to run the Boston Marathon because it is the most famous and he has always loved the history of Boston. We came up a few days ago, going to all the famous areas in Boston, including going to a Red Sox game yesterday. Now here on Massachusetts's holiday Patriots Day my son is running the Boston Marathon. He is so close to being done, I can almost touch him. Then, an explosion goes off and he falls. I am in shock to what has happened.. Then a few seconds later another explosion goes off. We run over to him calling for someone to help. He closes his eyes and he has passed out. We get him to an ambulance and rush him into the hospital. We sit in the waiting room throughout the surgery and when they are finished the surgeon comes out. He tells us that they could not save the leg and that they had to amputate it. I can’t believe what I just heard. We go into his room and talk to him about what happened and he doesn't seem too shocked by it. He explains that he knows that it is going to be hard but that he will live with it. I hope that it doesn't hurt him too much.

Friday, October 3, 2014

The Meal: One Act Play

Didier Drogba and Fernando Torres are having lunch at the Chelsea FC training grounds. It is just the two of them in the room, as everyone else went home for the day. They are discussing what they have brought to the club.

 Drogba: I am a legend here, they love me.
Torres: They love me here too.
Drogba: (Laughing) No they don’t! Why do you think you got transferred to AC Milan! You couldn’t score a goal if your life depended on it!
Torres: (Offended) Either could you, you never score.
Drogba: I scored 100 goals here and you only scored 20 goals.
Torres: You also had a lot more games than I did.
Drogba: Still, you did so well at Liverpool and then you came here and became the joke of the league. Whenever someone misses a goal they say, “Oh, I just pulled a Torres”.
Torres:  Well that was only because I had one really bad miss with an open net. That happens to people all the time! It’s just I am expected to be a lot better so that is why I got loaned to AC Milan.
Drogba: Actually that is why I was told to have lunch with you.
Torres: (Confused) What do you mean?
Drogba: (In a more soothing tone) The whole loan thing was a lie. We actually cut you from the team, you are no longer on the club.
Torres: (Furious) You mean that I am not on any club at all?!
Drogba: The whole team talked about it and we decided that it was the best for the club if we cut you. Believe me, we put you out on the market but no one wanted you. I’m sorry Fernando.
(As he said this Diego Costa walks into the room.)
Costa: What are you guys yelling about? I could hear you all the way down the hallway.
Torres: Didier was just telling me about how I was not transferred and that I was actually cut from the team! Is this true?
Costa: I am so sorry Fernando but it was what was best for the club. Trust me, you are a great striker you just did not have the best production here. We spent £50 million on you and you did not do much.
Torres: What have you done since you came here?
Costa: I have only played six premier league games and I have already scored 8 goals here. You had 110 appearances and only scored 20 goals. I have almost scored more goals in the short time I have been here than the four years that you were here for.
Drogba: Guys, calm down. We all know as strikers how hard it is to score goals. Maybe Fernando just did not fit into the system here. Diego and I have just had better luck here.
Torres: (Picking up a knife) That’s it. Bring Mourinho in here right now or I will kill both of you right now!
Costa: Fernando just calm down lets talk this over and find out what is wrong.
Torres: I told you to call Mourinho now! Do what I say or you will regret it.
Drogba:(Scared) Okay! I will call him right now! ( Calls the manager) He will be here in a second.
Costa: You don’t have to do this. You could probably get signed by a club still. A lot of clubs need strikers and maybe you can fit in there. Maybe a MLS team will pick you up.
Torres: You think that I want to go to an awful American club?(Yelling) I deserve to be playing for a Champions League team! I was great with Liverpool and I can be great somewhere else. Where is Mourinho Didier, you told me he would be here in a second.
Drogba: Just give him a second he was finishing up bringing everything in from training earlier.
Costa: Just put the knife down and we can talk this all out. You don’t have to kill somebody over this. Maybe Mourinho will sign you back onto the team, you never know.
Drogba: I just heard him talking outside the room. He will be in here in a minute. Just calm down and don’t do anything you will regret.  
Torres: Good I need to have a nice long talk with him.
(Right after he says this Mourinho walks in and Torres throws at the knife at him. It hits him in the chest and he starts to bleed out)
Drogba: (Panicking) What are you doing?! That is one of the best managers in the world right there! I just told you that you don’t kill people because they cut you. If people did this there would be no managers in the world. People get cut, it’s a part of life. You just have to deal with it and move on.
Torres: It is what need to happen.
Costa: (Yelling) Are you crazy? You don’t just kill people when you don’t get what you want! You talk things out and figure out what is wrong.
Drogba: I’m calling this police this is getting out of hand.
Torres: They will never catch me!
(After he says this he runs out of the room and Drogba runs over to Mourinho and finds out that it is too late.)
Drogba: I can’t believe he did this just because he was cut.
Costa: I will go run after him and try to catch up with him. Stay here with Mourinho until the paramedics arrive.
Drogba: Be careful and make sure that the police know what he has done. I will call a team meeting after they take Mourinho away.
Costa: Okay, I will be there after we catch Fernando. I will make him pay for what he did.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Peer reviews

Nick Reynolds: The Lonely Giraffe: It introduces the main character very well. Tell more about how the other giraffes treat him. Extend when Alejandro comes with Mike. Tell more about how they got killed.

Sean Eykel: He bit off more than he could nip: Good introduction. Good storyline. Written well. Whole story is written well. Humorous.

Brittany Holmes: RAFT: Good build-up. Introduces topic well. Makes everything intense. Keeps reader hooked. Overall a well written story.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Mix (test): Unreliable Narrator

    I do not remember a time when I did not hate the man. Just because he had known my wife since they were in kindergarten did not mean I did not see him as a threat. He was the biggest threat there was and I would not let him get in between my wife and I.  He knew I did not like him, but he would always try to talk to me whenever I saw him. We only saw him once a year at his Christmas party. He would invite all his friends and their spouses to his house to enjoy some wine and have a nice dinner. I could not stand this night, it was hours of torture and careful moderation, to make sure that he did not get too close to my wife. He always made her laugh and smile and she would talk about him for days after. I have always wanted to do something about him and I decided that this was the year that I would finally do something.

    The invite came in the mail the other day and I carefully scanned the card for the date and once I found it I knew he chose that day on purpose. My wife and I got married close to Christmas time so that time of year is always extra special to me. The man chose our anniversary for his party. I already had plans to go to dinner and have a nice night with my wife that night so I realized that I had to wait until next year to do something about him. When I told my wife about how he planned his party on our anniversary and that we could not see him this year. She agreed with me and I was happy about that. Finally a year without seeing him.

    The next day I woke up happy about life. My was getting my Christmas bonus today, my anniversary was soon, and I finally could go a year without seeing this dreadful man. I was eating my breakfast while my wife checked her e-mail when she told me that she had good news. I was wondering what this could be seeing we do not normally get big news. She told me that the she e-mailed the man telling that he could not make it the night of his party and that she could come over the next night with just the three of us if he wanted to. Before she could even tell me the news I was mad. Why would she ask him if we could see each other another day? She knew that I despised him and I was happy that we were not going over. So I asked what he said and she told me that he was sorry for planning the party on our anniversary but it was more than fine if we came the next night. Great, I still have to go over his house and see him. This ruined my whole day, not even getting my Christmas bonus would make up for this. At least I could finally do something about him this year.

    So I woke up the morning after my anniversary miserable and dreading of the activities I had planned for the day. I had to be at the man’s house at four o’clock in the afternoon and he  lived about an hour away. So around two my told me to start to get ready because we were leaving in an hour. I begged my wife to not let me go but she said that I had no choice. Even though I had plans for what I wanted to do with him at his house. I found a poisonous mix that I could put into his drink when I went over. So a little before three my wife and I got into the car to go to his house. I made sure that I had the mix in my pocket before we left. Finally, my plan will be completed.
    We arrived at his house shortly after four. He lived by himself because of what he said was trust and commitment issues. My wife immediately started talking to him and looked like she had a good time. He was watching the football game before we got there and asked if it was I was okay with watching it. I liked football so I told him it was fine and sat down. He told us that he ordered Chinese food and that it would be here shortly. As I was watching the game I could hear the laughter between the both of them. I was going to wait till dinner to put the poison in his drink but I could not wait much longer. I saw there was a bottle of wine in the kitchen so I went in and poured three glasses. I put the poison in one of the glasses. When I turned around to put the bottle on the counter my wife and the man picked up their glasses and left me one. I knew that the remaining glass definitely did not have the mix in it. I was pretty sure the man had the one with the mix in it because I remembered that the glass I put it in looked slightly different. My wife sat at the table and the man and I sat by the television. We were all sipping our wine and I was carefully watching the man. He kept looking at his glass like something was wrong so I knew he had the one with the mix it in. I knew it was just a matter of time before he died and my plan was a success. Right when I thought it was all going good I heard a thump on the table and a scream from the man.


Thursday, September 18, 2014

FIFA Addiction: Self deprication

My obsession has gone too far. It has taken over my life. It is the first thing I do when I get home and the last thing I do before I go to bed. It is the same thing over and over again. How did I let a game take me over like this? Even as I write this I am playing this game. It is just the same game of soccer over and over again. I try to convince myself that there is a purpose to playing it so much, but in reality there isn’t. When was the last time you heard of someone making money playing FIFA? Exactly, it just does not happen. I keep trying to stay away from it, but I keep coming back. I do not know what about it makes me want to play it so much. Maybe it is because I am such a big Chelsea Football Club fan or that I can play with the best soccer players in the world such as Ronaldo, Messi, and Ibrahimovic. But, you can do that in any sports game.I think it is because my biggest dream would be to be a professional soccer player, so playing the game gives me the feel that I am in a professional game.Whatever it is about it, I am greatly attracted to it. It is like if I do not play the game I am going to die. Almost like every goal that I score gives me a day to live. But honestly, my obsession with this simple game is insane. Like what would I do if they stopped making FIFA? I would go insane and not know how to live. I would protest outside of the EA Games headquarters all day and night so that they would bring the game back. They would think I was crazy and send me to a place for crazy people. Just since I got FIFA 14 for Christmas, I have played over ten days worth of it. That is way too much of just one game. I could have used that time reading or hanging out with friends. But no, I spent it sitting on my butt playing the game all by myself. When the new FIFA game was announced, I spent hours online researching all of the new features that would be included in the new game. In general the game is the same as it has been since it was released in 1998. So what if they added all these new features, it it still a soccer game. It has the same concept and purpose, score goals and win the game. I have almost spent real money on the game so that I could get special players and teams on the game. I was able though to convince myself not to. Maybe after I get the new one I will get bored of it eventually and not play anymore. I was able to restrain from going to the midnight release of the game in a few weeks and wait until Christmas to get it. Maybe waiting all this time will help. Time will only tell about my addiction. Other people get addicted to video games like Call of Duty or Battlefield and those games are just shooting people over and over again. There is also only a few things to choose from and only a few maps. On FIFA there is thousands of players and hundreds of teams. It would take me forever to play as every team on the game. So at least that is different. But, I only play as Chelsea every time and I usually play the same teams. That is like turning a light switch on and off for hours. It is the same thing over and over again. I hope by the time I graduate in a little over two years and I go to college that I will not be so obsessed with the game. I do not want to college and be obsessed with the game and skip class just so that I can get a few more matches in that day. I do not want to be that obsessed with the game. I have a few years till I have to worry about that but I still have to make sure that I calm down because, it will be here before I know it. All my friends tell me to stop playing but I do not.  My goal is to stop playing this game so much and get a job and get out more often. My obsession with the video game FIFA has gone too far and I hope that I can solve it soon.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Raft #2

My life is a struggle. This is my last year of going to of this twelve year education and I can’t even enjoy it. I have to do everything at home because of my families issues. My younger sibling struggles learning and he takes a while to process things. The woman who gave birth to me, has to get around in a wheelchair and does not get out of the house much. I have to provide all of the money for the family. Living in the capital of such a small state  like Massachusetts makes it hard to find jobs because everyone travels here to work. So I have to work at a Mcdonalds where I make minimum wage, and at Olive Garden where on a good night I make about $150 in tips. So between  those jobs there is barely enough money at the end of the week for anything. All of my money goes towards bills and food. We have to shop at Savers for all of our clothes because we don’t have enough money to go to a store like Macy’s. Everyone at school knows about my issues so I get harassed. I want to go to college but I do not even have enough money to go to a community college. I pray for the day when I can have enough money to go to a Celtic’s game. I have always liked basketball and I want to  see them in person at least one time in my life. I do not accept money people offer me, I believe that you have to earn your money and not depend on others. Therefore, all the money that I have I earned. I stay up all night helping my younger siblings with their homework and I am up past midnight doing that plus my homework. For our only parent, I have to help her cook and get things that are too high up for her to grab. I know my life is hard but I am thankful for the little I have and my family. They are the only real friends that I have ever have and I love them more than anything. I have never thought of how it would be to be born into a rich family where I could get whatever I want whenever want, That is not how life should be, those kids will never know how getting a paycheck feels and how to wisely spend that money. I feel bad for them that they will never know that feeling. I guess this that if you’re happy that is all that matters. I am happy with my life and no one can change that.