Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Hybrid Fan-fiction

Anna, Elsa, and Olaf all in the ice castle in Norway. They had just moved there after Anna and Elsa got married. They decided to bring their pet snowman, Olaf, with them on the trip. They were told the house was built on an old war site, but they didn't think anything of it. After they got everything put into place in the house it was already time to go to sleep. So they decided to go to sleep in their first night at the new house.  They had a nice peaceful night and woke up in the morning refreshed.  That’s when Anna freaked out for the first time. Her keys were on the floor. She was certain it was a ghost so she wanted to get cameras installed to find the ghost. Elsa thought this was crazy, but knew how Norway had bad neighborhoods so she thought it was a good idea. Days went on and more stuff happened each night. They decided to call a psychic to see what was going on. Apparently a demon was living inside their pet snowman, Olaf. The only way to get rid of the demon was to melt Olaf. This made Anna and Elsa make a plan.
Anna and Elsa decided that one day when they were cooking something in the oven they would kick Olaf in. So, they baked some cookies and left the oven open. When Olaf walked by they kicked him in and shut the oven. He quickly melted and they thought all their troubles were gone. But, Olaf’s demon now lived inside the house. All day and night, they would hear voices and other noises throughout the house. The voices kept them up all night and they couldn't sleep.  One day the voices randomly stopped. They knew something was up just decided to go to sleep. Then, all of a sudden the house was on fire and melting. The demon was trying to kill them. They couldn't get out the door so they had to jump out the window. They hit the snow and started to run. That’s when they saw the group of faceless albino hooded demons. Their only decision was to jump off the cliff before anything got too close to them. As they jumped they held each other’s hands one last time.

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